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We are a leading manufacturer of premium leather products in India. well-known for our product's durability, fine stitching, unique patterns, and beautiful designs. Since our founding in Kanpur, India, we have been combining technology and handmade skills to produce amazing leather goods.

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ColorVarious options available
ShapeRectangular or cylindrical (as per design)
DimensionsVariable, e.g., 10" x 10" x 12" (L x W x H)
WeightVaries based on size and design
CapacityTypically measured in liters or gallons
Lining MaterialOften includes a water-resistant lining
Closure MechanismLid with hinge or removable cover
Base MaterialSturdy material for stability
Design FeaturesEmbossing, stitching, or decorative elements
MaintenanceWipe clean with a damp cloth
Eco-Friendly OptionsAvailability of recycled or sustainable materials
Branding/LogoOptional branding or logo placement
UsageIndoor or outdoor use as specified
Additional FeaturesHandles, foot pedal for hands-free operation, etc.
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