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We are a leading manufacturer of premium leather products in India. well-known for our product's durability, fine stitching, unique patterns, and beautiful designs. Since our founding in Kanpur, India, we have been combining technology and handmade skills to produce amazing leather goods.

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Hard Bonded Leather Products

Material CompositionBonded leather (mix of leather fibers and other materials)
ThicknessTypically 1.0 - 1.2 mm (may vary)
Surface TextureSmooth, consistent texture
HardnessFirm and rigid
FlexibilityLimited flexibility
WeightModerate weight
Color OptionsVarious colors available
Grain PatternEmbossed grain pattern for a leather-like appearance
DurabilityHigh durability, resistant to wear and tear
ResistanceResistant to scratches, stains, and fading
Water ResistanceLimited water resistance (may require protection)
BreathabilityLimited breathability
Care and MaintenanceWipe with a damp cloth, avoid harsh chemicals
ApplicationsUpholstery, bookbinding, accessories, etc.
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