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We are a leading manufacturer of premium leather products in India. well-known for our product's durability, fine stitching, unique patterns, and beautiful designs. Since our founding in Kanpur, India, we have been combining technology and handmade skills to produce amazing leather goods.

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Hard Leather Products

MaterialGenuine hard leather
Thickness2.5 - 3.5 millimeters
ColorVarious colors available
FinishSmooth, polished finish
TextureNatural grain texture
HardnessFirm and rigid
WeightVaries based on product type
DurabilityHigh resistance to wear and tear
Water ResistanceLimited water resistance, not waterproof
StitchingReinforced stitching for added strength
EdgesBurnished or beveled edges for a polished look
LiningSoft fabric or suede lining for comfort
HardwareDurable metal hardware (buckles, zippers, etc.)
Care InstructionsAvoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture
UsageIdeal for accessories, belts, wallets, etc.
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