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We are a leading manufacturer of premium leather products in India. well-known for our product's durability, fine stitching, unique patterns, and beautiful designs. Since our founding in Kanpur, India, we have been combining technology and handmade skills to produce amazing leather goods.

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Key Rings

MaterialMetal, plastic, leather, etc.
DimensionsVaries based on design
ShapeCircular, rectangular, custom shapes
Ring DiameterTypically 1 inch (25.4 mm)
ThicknessVaries, often 1-3 mm
WeightLightweight, typically a few grams
FinishMatte, glossy, brushed, plated, etc.
Attachment MechanismSplit ring, swivel hook, carabiner, etc.
Additional FeaturesLED lights, bottle opener, engraved designs, etc.
Customization OptionsEngraving, printing, embossing, custom shapes, etc.
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