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We are a leading manufacturer of premium leather products in India. well-known for our product's durability, fine stitching, unique patterns, and beautiful designs. Since our founding in Kanpur, India, we have been combining technology and handmade skills to produce amazing leather goods.

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Soft Leather Goods

MaterialSoft, genuine leather
ThicknessVaries based on product (e.g., 1.5 - 3 mm for wallets)
TextureSmooth, supple, and pliable
ColorVarious colors available, dyed or natural
FinishingMatte or glossy finish
StitchingFine and durable stitching
LiningSoft fabric or suede lining
HardwareHigh-quality zippers, clasps, and other fittings
EmbellishmentsOptional decorative elements (e.g., embossing, stitching)
DimensionsVaried based on product type (e.g., 8" x 4" for a wallet)
WeightLightweight, varies with product size and leather type
FlexibilityHighly flexible, conforms to shape
DurabilityResistant to wear and tear
Water ResistanceWater-resistant treatment may be applied
Care InstructionsUse leather conditioner, keep away from direct sunlight
PackagingComes in protective packaging (e.g., dust bags)
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